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Online Reputation Management Services

Great online reputation Ltd offers online reputation management services for individuals and brands, bringing control of how you are perceived online back to you.

In a digital society where your online reputation is instant and international and it reaches a potentially enormous audience, it needs to be protected and prevention is far better than remedy.

But you may wonder what your online reputation is?

Among others it is:

1426099628 check Whatever shows up in search engine results
1426099628 check What people write about you on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites
1426099628 check Anything published about you or your brand on mainstream press
1426099628 check Any reviews of your brand, business, service, work
1426099628 check Public records connected to you or your business
1426099628 check Photos or videos tagged with your name

Now considering that the vast majority of the population uses search engines in order  to research all types of information and that for any given search term

1426099628 check 50% of users click only on the first 2 organic results
1426099628 check 91.7%  of users do not click past the 1st page of results
1426099628 check 96.5% of users do not click past the 2nd page of results

Your online reputation is based on the results that come up on the first 2 pages of search engine results under your or your company’s name and this is where we can help in controlling what will appear there.

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